2018 Costa Brava Running + Wellness Retreat (Spain)

ProvinciaGerona (GI)
De fecha21/04/2018
A fecha27/04/2018
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Gerona (GI)
Tel 2018-04-21
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Run from village to village along a stunning stretch of Mediterranean coastline with Women’s Mind/Body Wellness and Longevity Lifestyling Coach, Heather Lee. Our retreat begins in the historic walled city of Girona and then head north towards the Pyrenees. We'll run between charming fishing villages, along sea cliffs and on golden sandy beaches. This women's wellness and running retreat is for those going through life tranistions and transformation. During the retreat, you'll take part in daily wellness workshops where you'll learn how to use running as a tool to maximize your midlife mojo, reduce stress, empower you and be mindful. Midlife is the perfect time for women to go on retreat. Step away from the busyness of life and create space for reflection, introspection and inspiration.

Where have you been? Where are you now, and where are you going? What dreams and adventures do you want to manifest in this second half of life? Invite yourself to dream boldly. What's typical day like of running in Costa Brava? After running the first part of the day, we'll finish at a seaside patio, indulging in local wine, sangria and gourmet Catalan cuisine. Outside the late-afternoon workshops on navigating life transitions + transformations, you'll still have plenty of free time for shopping local artisans and designer boutiques or relaxing in your luxury hotel. At this retreat, you'll learn to embrace your changes, physical, emotional and spiritual and create a lifestyle that promotes optimal health, wellness and longevity. The best is yet to come.

We are now accepting deposits for this incredible retreat that is expected to sell out quickly.

Women’s lives are filled with transitions and as we near the middle of our journey through our lives numerous shifts occur. While midlife presents many losses, it equally presents many opportunities. Space opens up to invite exciting new experiences and adventure. We can make choices that will ensure that the rest of our life is the best part of our life. We're excited to announce our Costa Brava Running + Wellness Retreat (Spain) with retreat leader, Heather Keller Lee, this September. Join Heather, a women’s mind/body wellness and longevity lifestyling coach, for an amazing week of wellness and wisdom as you run along the Mediterranean coast.

Learn more here: http://runwildretreats.com/costa-brava-retreat-heather-lee/
Intersested in joining us in Spain this September? Join retreat leader Heather Keller Lee and I for a live video "Sneak Peek" of the Costa Brava Running + Wellness Retreat taking place this September 11 - 17, 2017. Click here to RSVP for the Sneak Peek on June 29 and submit your questions: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/spain-in-september-sneak/register
What a week in Costa Brava, Spain. See what's in store for you if you join us here in September by checking out the amazing gallery of images we've assembled of the spring 2017 Costa Brava Running + Wellness Retreat:
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