7 Days Yoga & Meditation Retreat - August/Sept 2018

MunicipalidadSanta Eulalia del Río
?Lugar?Ashram Ibiza, Es canar
ProvinciaIslas Baleares (PM)
De fecha30/08/2018
A fecha05/09/2018
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Santa Eulalia del Río
Ashram Ibiza, Es canar
Islas Baleares (PM)
Tel 2018-08-30
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A 7 days yoga and meditation retreat where you will have a deep yoga practice through Pranayamas, Kriyas, detox techniques, Asanas (physical postures ), Surya Namaskar (sun salutation ), Chakras, bandhas, mantra chanting and theory classes that will help to deepen your understanding of yoga. Meditation techniques in this retreat (active, guided and sitting techniques ) will give you a completely different approach about this beneficial discipline, and within a 7 days daily practice you can experience its benefits in an easy and joyful way. Yoga and meditation deep immersion into yourself, enjoying the beauty of life, releasing toxins from body and mental stress, cleaning negative emotions, breathing deeply and feeling such a deep relaxation within you that life becomes a joyful loving journey.

​ This Retreat is suitable for all levels of Yoga Practitioners and for those who want to start a Yoga and Meditation practice. ​ Facilitated by Satvika Program Day 1. Arrival & welcome to Ashram . 7:30 pm dinner Day 2. 7:30 am Breakfast 8:30 am Philosophy of Yoga 9:00 am Yoga 10:30 am Meditation 12 pm Lunch 1pm Introduction Ayurveda Massage 6:00 pm yoga 7:30pm Nidra Yoga 8:00 pm dinner Day 3 . ( Detox day ) 8:00 am Pranayama theory & practice 9:00 am Panchapana class 10:30am Meditation 12 pm Lunch 1:30pm Meditation 7:30pm dinner ​ Day 4. 8:00 am Breakfast 9:00 am Surya Namaskar Workshop 10:30 am Session 12 pm Lunch 5:00 pm - 8pm Cooking Class with Ibiza Cuore Vegan 8pm Dinner ​ Day 5. 7:30 am Breakfast 9:00 am Yoga 10:30 am Meditation 12pm Lunch 5:00 pm Meditation 6:00 pm yoga 7:30 pm dinner ​ Day 6.

7:30 am breakfast 9:00 am Yoga 10:30 am Meditation 12 pm Lunch 6:30 pm Om Meditation 7:30pm Dinner ​ Day 7. 7:30 am Breakfast 9:00 am Yoga 10:30am Meditation 12 pm lunch Departure In this week you have plenty of free time to enjoy the beauty of Ibiza . Price Residential Retreat: 880€ (6 nights/7 days accommodation Shared rooms & bathroom) Non Residential Retreat: 610€ Special Cooking Class by Ibiza Cuore Vegan (Fabiana Maro) on Sunday at 5pm . Reserve your place in this workshop by the time of booking your place in this retreat. Ibiza Cuore Veg cooking workshops teach you the basics of vegan and raw food cuisine preparation In the end of the class you will get a taste from all the dishes that were prepared and a print with all the ingredients.

Duration of cooking class is 3 hr and price 45 Euros per person . ALL INCLUDE Retreat: - 3 meals (vegan / vegetarian): Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - Fruits, water, herbal teas You have the option to stay in the Ashram (shared rooms & shared bathroom) or just join the retreat if you are an Ibiza resident. You also are welcome to extend your retreat with yoga and meditation classes & meals (ask availability and price) ​​ You need to reserve your place in advance, limited space. For more information and bookings please contact us. satvikaibiza@icloud.com or (+34) 686 512 284

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