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DirecciónMas Rosell, S/N
?Lugar?La Ginesta Rural
ProvinciaBarcelona (B)
De fecha30/03/2018
A fecha02/04/2018
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Mas Rosell, S/N
La Ginesta Rural
Barcelona (B)
Tel 2018-03-30
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On our Conscious Holidays you will enjoy, in a privileged environment, Active and Passive meditations, Hatha yoga, Restorative yoga, Nidra yoga, Karma yoga*, Bodywork, Conscious hiking and Group workshops (such as "Shamanic Breathing Work", "Introduction to Conscious harmonic nutrition (vegetarian cuisine)" and "Visit to your Inner Sage"). *Karma yoga: personal duties in one's life, altruistically. We will stay in a fantastic rural setting, in a farmhouse from the eighteenth century, located near Sitges. The farmhouse is located in Pla del Bosc, a valley surrounded by mountains, the most popular one named "Pic de l'Àliga". It is located within the Olérdola Natural Park; amongst olive trees, pines, vineyards, nature, hundreds of paths to explore. La Ginesta Rural offers us the opportunity to enjoy nature and the serenity of its surroundings.

A place to breathe PURE AIR. From the house you can visit Sitges, Garraf and Tarragona. Dates: from March 30th to April 2nd Rates: (Includes accommodation, rooms of 3-4 people maximum, meals and workshops) * ‚ā¨ 380 / person if you book before March 1st * ‚ā¨ 410 / person if you book after March 1st * If you come accompanied 350 ‚ā¨ each Arrival at the house: Friday 30th March at 11:00h. Departure: Monday 2nd April at 1:00 p.m. (Let us know if you come by car and you have spare seats) For more information you can send an e-mail to: or call +34 617 60 23 80 Sandra (Maha Devi) Visit to your Inner Sage Have you ever wondered why dreams, patterns and situations are repeated in your life? There are many ways in which your Intuition or Inner Sage may be trying to help you- Coincidences, Unexpected changes, Illnesses, Dreams, Similar situations, even Harsh situations that you have gone through or the desire to feel peace within you.

Your Inner Sage is always guiding you towards that inner peace. In that peace, you can become present to the ‚ÄúHere and Now‚ÄĚ and can enjoy a harmony which can color every aspect of your life, giving it meaning and help you experience deeper connection with yourself and others. In this workshop you will learn how to connect with your Inner Sage, giving you the opportunity to come back to the part of you that knows the way home. Shamanic Breath Work The breath is a vital function of life. A human being can only survive three to four minutes without breathing. Some ancient cultures knew how fundamental the breath is to life and they considered it a sacred gift. They also understood that it can be used to experience heightened states of awareness. Through various rhythms and practices they learnt that through breath alone they could heal themselves physically and energetically.

The body has a wisdom of its own. When awareness is brought to specific breathing techniques, blocks can be shifted from the body. Body work is also offered in Shamanic breath work to deepen your experience of this healing modality. Introduction to Conscious harmonic nutrition You will learn to combine whole seed cereals, local vegetables, oily seeds, pulses, sea vegetables and fruits with the aim of creating a diet from which obtaining all the nutrients your body needs to enjoy physical, emotional and mental stability. The use of this formula helps you to have an equilibrium on your digestive system, "you are what you eat". The result of it is health and well-being. In the workshop you will know how your body works and how its state has a direct impact on your mind and emotions.

You will also learn to make delicious and healthy dishes for yourself and your family.

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