Protect the Sea We Love

DirecciónC. Antonio Planells Ferrer
?Lugar?B12 Gallery Ibiza
ProvinciaIslas Baleares (PM)
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C. Antonio Planells Ferrer
B12 Gallery Ibiza
Islas Baleares (PM)
Tel 2018-03-17
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As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations, join us to “Protect the Sea We Love,” and raise funds for “Our Dolphins.” Program includes Guest speakers: Manu San Félix, National Geographic Txema Brotons, Asociación Tursiops Morna International College artwork exhibited in gallery Riccardo Boscolo & Simon Deraeck, Recycled Art Workshop Liz Kueneke & Miroesja Peeperkoorn, Hola Pepita, Storytelling Cristina Ozores, Vellmari Formentera Diving, Storytelling John Prado, Ocean Music Catkin Hope, Smart Living Ibiza, Sculpture Sol Ortega, Facepaint 18:30 Art Award & Prize Giving “Our Dolphins" is a project by Tursiops Association to monitor the impact of underwater noise on Bottlenose dolphins in Ibiza's waters. Make a donation online here: Thank you to our fantastic supporters.

SAL de IBIZA, Frutos Secos Ibiza, B12 Gallery Ibiza, Morna International College

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