UK & Ire - 11 days of YOU: Ayahuasca, Bufo & Kamb├│ in Marbella

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Málaga (MA)
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THIS SUMMER - A UNIQUE 11 DAY RETREAT FOR THE UK & IRELAND IN MARBELLA With therapeutic use of AYAHUASCA + BUFO ALVARIUS + KAMBO & more. - For more information, contact Arron: Phone / WhatsApp: +447428034617 E-mail - An immersive opportunity for people from the UK and Ireland - an eleven-day retreat where ayahuasca will be offered EVERY night, along with bufo alvarius, kambo and yopo. Go to an unseen level of depth within your psyche. This is a chance to completely transform your relationship with life. Spend up to eleven days coming back to life in our luxury beachside Marbella villa, complete with swimming pool, hammocks and sweat lodge. These beautiful surroundings provide the backdrop for this true journey deep inside the soul. The person who leaves will not be the same person who arrived.

This journey will be accompanied, hosted and supported by Inner Mastery's expert team of facilitators and integrators from the UK & Ireland and will also feature yoga, biodance, meditation, and our signature integration. We'll also be joined for the entire eleven days by the founder of the organisation, Alberto Jose Varela, who'll be providing workshops and conscious school classes every day. We'll also be combining this retreat with a school cycle of the European School of Ayahuasca, where the leading integrators and facilitators from within the organisation will be hosting classes and workshops on working with the medicines and therapeutic techniques that we use. Ayahuasca is often said to be "10 years of therapy in a single night" - but we believe it can be much more than this.

It allows us to go deeply inside our own consciousness - to see the limiting beliefs and patterns that we hold, and to let them go in order to realise our true potential. Ayahuasca has been used by tribes in the Amazon rainforest for thousands of years, and recently has spread across the globe. Many believe that ayahuasca itself has now decided to make the change and expand across the globe to support the western world in opening their eyes, to see themselves. Bufo Alvarius is a toad in Mexico which secretes venom which is dried and then smoked. What follows is an experience that is beyond words - where the barriers of separation between ourselves and the external are completely dissolved, allowing us to become the infinite and to fuse with the divine. It can be likened to a death and rebirth experience, with many people reporting a huge gratitude for life after experiencing the toad.

You can find more information regarding bufo here - Kambo is a poison extracted from a frog that lives deep inside the amazon rainforest. Small burns are made in the outer layer of the skin, and the kambo is applied. This activates the lymphatic system and the immune system fights to rid itself of the poison - getting rid of everything unnatural thats inside the body. It's a powerful detox, and cleanses not only the physical body but also the emotional and mental bodies too, with many participants reporting much greater clarity in thinking, and shifts in repressed emotions that have been stored for many years. You can find more information about kambo here - Everything we offer is consolidated with psychotherapeutic integration - where our highly trained team from across the UK and Ireland open a space to go deeper into what's been moved inside, to give us the tools to shed light on our own darkness.

If you've any doubt about whether this retreat is suitable due to any medication you may be taking, please contact us and our medical team can advise. Our retreats include all food, accommodation, ayahuasca, integration, pre-retreat assistance if necessary, and post retreat support, including regular free meetings in London, Manchester and Dublin. A wonderful community is beginning to come together as part of this. You can read and watch many of our participant's testimonials here - The full calendar of events for the UK & Ireland can be found here -

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